Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day #24 - Lights out

We're doing the lights out for Earth Hour ( thing right now - yay for computing by candlelight. In light of this (heh heh), today's picture is from this past December's Winterhaven Festival of Lights. Winterhaven is an historic neighborhood in Tucson that goes all out with the holiday decorations every December. Displays run the gamut from religious to silly, and there's always at least a few University of Arizona offerings. This one features Sparky, the AZ State U mascot, on Santa's "naughty" list and Wilbur, the U of A's, on the "nice." This year, the neighborhood received a grant from Tucson Electric Power, the local utility that assists with stringing lights in the tall trees, and most of the public areas were strung with LED lights. They're much crisper and dimmer than conventional incandescent bulbs, so it was a much different Winterhaven than ever before. Still, lights are lights, and it's always a fun time.

The U of A fans  :)

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